Covid-19 Measures

COVID-19 continues to affect all of us. Despite progress, the world has changed its way of working to cope with this global pandemic.
We work continuously every day to bring the services we provide in Logo Controls to our customers. We switched to the shift system in our offices in order to keep our human resources, our most important capital, away from risks. Your questions about technical support, sales and warranty will be answered uninterruptedly during working hours.
Whether it is our employees, partners or customers, giving people the first priority has always been a fundamental value at Logo Controls.

Information about shipping and handling time

We work with manufacturers from all over the world, and the way to deal with the pandemic can vary by country. The delivery times of your orders can be late compared to past periods when there was no pandemic. Delivery times are may be affected by the working order of the manufacturing factories, the working order of the country's customs and the working order of the cargo companies.
Please consider possible delivery delays before placing an order. For more detailed information, contact your customer representative.
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