1. The warranty period starts from the delivery date and the warranty period is 2 years.

      2. All wares, including all parts of the product (against production and installation faults and / or malfunctioning parts), are covered by the guarantee.

      3. In the event of malfunction within the warranty period, the period of repair will be added to the warranty period. The repair time of the goods is a maximum of 20 working days. This period begins with the date of notification to the authorized dealer of the goods by the seller, dealer, agent, representative, importer or manufacturer of the goods, in case the fault related to the goods is not authorized service stations. Failure notification of the consumer; telephone, fax, e-mail, registered mail or similar. However, in case of a dispute, the obligation of proof belongs to the consumer. Within the warranty period of the goods, repairs will be made in the case of material and workmanship, if it is malfunctioned due to erroneous installation, labor costs, cost of replacement parts or any other name. The repair undertaken with this guarantee will be performed by authorized service of the mark.

      4. From the date of the delivery of the product to the consumer, not more than six times within the warranty period, at least four times within one year or six times within the warranty period specified by the manufacturer, producer and / or importer, if the service station is not available, if it is determined by the seller, dealer, agency, representative or one of the authorities of our company that it is not possible to repair the fault, free of charge replacement or reduction of the price shall be carried out at a rate of money or shame.

      5. The warranty period of the goods modified during the warranty application is limited to the remaining warranty period of the purchased goods.

      6. Free repairs and replacement of products will cease in the following cases;

            a. In the event of malfunction due to the methods specified in the manual for use of the goods or due to the use in contradiction to the conditions,

            b. In the event that the serial numbers or warranty labels of the goods and their accessories are destroyed / torn,

            c. If it is determined that the product has been previously opened / repaired except for authorized service personnel,

            d. In the event that the outer surfaces of the goods and its accessories are broken or scratched within the customer's responsibility,

            e. In the event of faults caused by accessories or other devices that can be used with the product,

            f. Misuse and inadequate maintenance, misuse and abuse, misuse of the appliance after delivery to the consumer, use contrary to the environmental specifications stated in the user manual for the appliance; in the event of malfunctions due to inadequate air supply, use of the goods in an extremely humid, dusty or hot environment or use in corrosive environments, accidents, impacts, electricity (voltage changes)

            g. If the malfunction or damage occurred during the transportation which is not within the responsibility of Gos Otomasyon Ltd.,

            h. In the event of malfunctions caused by software or viruses,

             i. Replacement of defective parts is done with parts other than technical service and / or non-warranty parts.

      7. Supplies (bag, CD, cable, etc.) supplied with the package are not covered by the guarantee.

      8. The use of faults is determined by the report to be issued by the authorized service department.

      9. The Ministry of Customs and Trade may apply for the protection of the Consumer and the General Directorate of Market Surveillance for problems that may arise in connection with the Warranty Certificate.

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