Introducing the 400-RR-1-000: A Benchmark in Precision Control and Monitoring

In the intricate world of industrial controllers and indicators, the 400-RR-1-000 stands out as a beacon of precision and versatility. This blog post delves into the functionalities and applications of this innovative controller, demonstrating its role in enhancing industrial processes.

image 3 Introducing the 400-RR-1-000: A Benchmark in Precision Control and Monitoring

Feature-Rich Interface for Enhanced Control

At the heart of the 400-RR-1-000 controller is its user-centric design, boasting a universal input that can be easily configured from the faceplate, offering unmatched adaptability across various applications.

Key Features and Advanced Functionalities

  • Exceptional Accuracy: With accuracy better than 0.2% full scale at nominal conditions, this controller guarantees high precision in monitoring and controlling processes, crucial in maintaining stringent quality standards.
  • Deviation Bargraph Indication: The inclusion of a deviation bargraph provides visual feedback on process variances, enabling operators to make quick, informed adjustments to maintain optimal conditions.
  • Versatile Control Output: It features a control output that can operate as a relay or logic output, equipped with a Heat/Cool function, adding layers of control for diverse industrial requirements.
  • Configurable Alarm System: The controller is designed with 1 alarm that comes with configurable functions and up to 3 different alarm setpoints, ensuring heightened operational safety and efficiency.
  • Advanced Tuning Capabilities: Equipped with Self-tuning, Auto-tuning, Soft-start, and Man/Auto functions, the 400-RR-1-000 adapts automatically to process changes, ensuring optimal control at all times.
  • Serial Line Configuration: It offers the possibility for configuration via a serial line, facilitating easy integration and setup within existing systems.
  • Enhanced Flexibility (401 Model): The 401 model variant includes an auxiliary input for a current transformer 50mAac or a 3rd alarm output, either logic or relay, further broadening its application potential.

Applications in Industrial Settings

The 400-RR-1-000 is an ideal solution for industries that require precise control and monitoring, such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. Its accuracy, combined with its flexible control and alarm options, makes it a critical tool for maintaining quality and efficiency in these demanding environments.


The 400-RR-1-000 sets a new standard in the realm of industrial controllers and indicators. Its blend of precision, adaptability, and advanced functionalities positions it as an essential instrument for modern industrial operations. As the demand for more precise and automated control systems grows, the 400-RR-1-000 will undoubtedly be at the forefront of this evolution, driving efficiency and quality in industrial processes.